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The reason Copenhagen is the greenest city in the world

DANISH The capital of the happiest country is where you can drive a solar powered boat and enjoy organic food on every street corner. For a long time, Copenhagen has put sustainability first. They are continuing to implement many initiatives and efforts to make this capital city the first carbon neutral city by 2025.

One of them is Copenhagen, which processes waste into energy to power tens of thousands of homes and businesses. This power plant allows visitors to ski on the roof, while 400,000 tons of waste below is processed into energy and warmth for the heating system. The roof of the factory is one of the largest artificial ski slopes in the world, welcoming guests 365 days a year whether it is snowing or not.

The city’s public buses are converting energy from diesel to electricity, while roads are increasingly open to rudimentary vehicles, with two newly built bridges dedicated to bicycles. Copenhagen is considered the capital of bicycles. Even MPs ride their bike to work every day. You can also rent electric bicycles at a low price.

Copenhagen has many parks and public green spaces, with a 28-hectare nature reserve planned to be built in the North Harbor industrial area. Along the canals, there are many sustainable designs, such as grass roofs to filter rainwater and insulate buildings.

More than 60% of hotel rooms in the city have environmentally friendly certificates. The Scandic Group is one of the businesses that aims to become a carbon neutral brand. Each hotel has an environmental management to ensure the top standards from design, energy to foods are sustainable.

Recycling is so important that the city has collectors that return money when you put a box or plastic bottle in it.

3/4 food served in public use organic ingredients, from pizza, burger hot dog, craft beer …

Not only restaurants, small businesses in the food street Reffen also comply with environmental regulations. The entire restaurant must use biodegradable packaging and products from free grazing animals.

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