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Don’t miss these things when traveling to Sapa


1. Traveling:

From Hanoi to Sapa about 380km. If you take the train will depart from Tran Quy Cap station in central Hanoi, the last station is Lao Cai station, from Lao Cai station to Sapa about 40 km must go by car by steep mountain road. The current train fare is usually about 600,000 VND / one way ticket 4 cabin air conditioning. 500.000 VND for the ticket for 6 persons (bed). Seating tickets, usually 150 to 300 depending on sitting hard, soft seat, air conditioning, not air conditioning. If the holiday season 4, cavity 6 can increase by 100, 150k. With the ship 4 cabin companies travel state and investment to upgrade the interior, quality of service, so prices vary. There are cruise lines such as Sapaly, Victoria, Royal train, Hara train, Pumkin, King Express, Orient … High quality trains only run by night, running time is about 8 hours and 9 hours. If the train ride seat time is relatively longer than about 10 – 11 hours. Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

From Lao Cai to Sapa if the bus fare is 28,000 per person. For private car 7 seats about 450,000 VND / 1 turn, 16 seats 500,000 / 1 time. Taxis are the same price.

Traveling from Hanoi by bus will bring you up to Sapa, the ticket price is about 300,000 / ticket / one way. By the end of 2014, the Hanoi – Lao Cai expressway (245km) has been put into operation, so the time of traveling by car has decreased significantly, only about 5-6 hours from Hanoi to Sapa. There are car companies as follows: Hung Thanh (there is a morning service at 7am, 5pm, and evening at 9am, afternoon as well as afternoon), Sao Viet (1 day with many flights from Hanoi – Lao Cai, but Sapa is less, can go to Lao Cai and take bus to Sapa), Camel (morning 7h from Hanoi, 4h from Sapa), Hop Nhat, Viet Bus, Hai Van … Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

Alternatively, you can take the Sapa Express Bus (Sapa Express Bus) (Sapa Express Bus (250k / way), Sapa Shuttle Bus (200k / way). These companies usually depart at 7 am from the old town of Hanoi, the afternoon departs at 4 am from the center of Sapa town. Anyone who is intoxicated should consider this type of seat because sitting time 5-6 hours is not pleasant. Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

Sapa travel experience, if you can not walk, have to ride there are two options: 1 is renting motorbikes about 100k / day, self-fuel, where to go go. Ride on time servers that cost less. If traveling by car, calculated on the route, each route is about 12-14 km, 350 points per 7 seat car, 400 points per car for 16 seats. Time limit is about 2 ½ hours, car to go and pick up. As for taxis, the price may be slightly higher, Sapa has the following taxi companies: Call 0203.62.62.62 (Taxi Fansipan), or 0203.63.63.63 (Green Taxi)

2. Hotels in Sapa:

Sapa is a small town, but currently the number of hotels is relatively large, each year a few more new hotel. The prices are all kinds of services from backpackers to high-end guests. There are street, hotel serial hotel, such as Cau May Street, Muong Hoa Street, Fansipan Road. Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

The most up-to-standard 4 * hotels are Victoria, then Amazing and U Sapa, Chau Long Hotel, Bamboo is well known for its relatively high price but not yet rated 4 *. New hotels such as Sunny Mountain and Muong Thanh are rated at 3 * and a half prices, ranging from $ 700,000 to $ 1,800,000. The hotel is less than 3 * standard prices are generally ranging from 500 to 1 million 2, such as Holiday, Northern Star, Royal View, Sapa Luxury, Sapa Lodge, Sapa Hotel, Cat Cat View, Sapa View … Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

Type 2 * room rates are usually from 300 to 500 thousand, such as Mountain View, Royal, Thien Ngan, Grand View, Sea Cloud, River Side … / room / night down as Lotus, Summit, Queen, Dang Khoa, Linh Trang, Emotion, Nguyen Hung, Spring …

Cau May – Muong Hoa route is the main street in Sapa, the hotels on this route usually have a view of the Hoang Lien Son range, the valley is Muong Hoa, with terraced fields on the mountain side. If the hotel does not have a mountain view room, then walking around the city, shopping is also convenient. Featured on this street: Royal View, Chau Long, Mountain View, Royal, Sunny Mountain, Holiday, Bamboo, Sapa View, Sapa Lodge. Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

3. Where to play in Sapa

Who likes to see the scenery, roam the fresh air of the mountains, climbing Ham Rong tourism, Silver Falls, Love Falls. People who like to explore, learn about the life of indigenous people, visit Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Lao Chai, Ta Van (in Sapa there are 5 groups of ethnic minorities: Hmong Black, Red Dao, Tay and Xa Pho). There are also many villages in the remote areas such as Seo Mi, Ta Trung Ho, Ban Ho, Nam Toong, Nam Cang, Thanh Phu … Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

All the villages are in valleys or stretches along the mountains of the Hoang Lien Mountains with scenic scenery, and terraced fields are beautiful charms that can not be missed. In April and May, the villagers conduct farming, from the beginning of June to the end of September (from green rice to harvested rice), which is the best time to look at the terraced fields.

* Highlights:

– Cat Cat village: Approximately 3 km from Sapa town, the Black Hmong people live in a small valley, beautiful scenery with terraced fields, waterfalls, French hydroelectric power plant. Previously built. Everyday there are 2 local performances at 10am and 3pm. Ticket price is 40.000d / adult, 15.000d / child. Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

– Ham Rong Hamlet: Located right in Sapa town, walk on the stone steps to visit this place. Here are many kinds of flowers in temperate Asia, typical Sapa such as Dao, Le, Man. Especially rare orchid species only in Sapa. Ham Rong is the ideal place for photo taking, wedding photo album. Every day there are special performances, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Ticket price 70.000d / adult, 20.000d / child.

– Silver: Sapa town about 12 km, waterfall with the height of 200m from the top to the waterfall, is the highest waterfall in Vietnam. Should visit in many countries (June, 7, 8, 9), the month of water (December, 1, 2, 3) should not visit. Ticket price is 15.000d / adult, 10.000d / child. Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

– Heaven: Located on the Thác Bạc – Love Waterfall – Heaven Gate, the highest point on the Ong Hồ Pass, is also the highest point on the road in Vietnam. From here, you can look out at the glittering Lanzhou, enjoying the cold air from the clouds rushed into the people. No lost tickets.

-Tuy Lao Chai – Ta Van: This is a popular walking tour of foreign guests. Trekking from Sapa through the villages of the Black Hmong (Lao Chai), Giay (Ta Van), totaling about 12 km before the car pick up. Ticket price is 50,000 VND / adult, 15,000 VND / child. Things to do in sapa Vietnam. You can take Sapa tour trekking to explore there.

– Ancient rock: the same route with Lao Chai village, Ta Van. It is about 12 km from Sapa. There are nearly 200 stone blocks containing strange characters from ancient times. Ticket price of the same line in Lao Chai, Ta van lost only once. Cau May: Go through ancient rock beach about 1.5 km. Previously there was a bridge made of forest (rattan wire) of indigenous people, today replaced by an iron bridge. Things to do in sapa Vietnam.

-Be Ta Phin: about 14 km from Sapa town, is home to the H’mong and Dao Do ethnic groups, famous for its brocade and bathing water. Ticket price 30.000d / adult.

– Conquering Fansipan peak: 3143 meters above sea level, is the favorite place of people and is only for health. It usually takes 2 days 1 night, or 3 days 2 nights with guides and porters carrying food to conquer Fansipan. You can click here to refer our sapa fansipan tour or Sapa tours.

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